Tuesday, July 22, 2014

숨 쉬는 게 지겨워질쯤 그때 그대 발견.
When breathing became boring, that’s when I found you.

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Jonghyun appearing with gifts for the winners: flower, balloon, and…banana

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140717 CNBLUE Baby pictures from “Never Stop Movie DVD”
from right to left: Yonghwa (3 pics), Jonghyun, Minhyuk (2 pics), Jungshin (2 pics), Jonghyun, Jungshin, Yonghwa.

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Hopes and Dreams. 

HAHAHA I saw what you did there Collin ;)

A Gentleman’s Dignity ep 16

Assholes Who've Ruined My Life - [2/31]

↳ Jonghyun "Man Among Men" Lee.


i’m laughing so hard at this picture of cn blue because



help me



[ENG] [Naver Starcast - Bangtan Bomb] ‘BTS in LA’ | ABS

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Vixx On and On/Ready to get hurt MV

Member Focus: Hyuk/Han Sanghyuk

Other member focused sets: Leo | Hongbin | N | Ken


Main Vocal of Infinite, Nam Woohyun, sneakily tries to mimic Key’s fabulous patterned suit partnered with a fedora and candy, but sadly it just comes off as a cheap knock off